McDonald's Gladiators TV Advert

McDonald’s UK shows off, in a new advert, the Italian Stack, one of the Great Tastes of the World, which will be available at participating restaurants for a limited-time only.

The 30-second spot, titled “Reenactment”, features a group of teenage boys who wanted to feel like gladiators for a few hours, so they went to a reenactment centre, where they are treated as such. “Are you ready to experience Italy the ancient Roman way?” – a man dressed in a gladiator costume asks them. “To survive you will need heart. Passion. And honor.” – he also tells them, before instructing them to go to the arena. There, the kids see several men fighting with real swords, while the crowd is cheering, and they immediately back down, realizing this is not for them.

“Sometimes, a taste is all you need. Like the Italian Stack with Pepperoni.” – the voiceover says at the end of the spot.

The Italian Stack, featuring two 100% beef patties with slices of pepperoni and a tomato and herb sauce, will be included in the fast-food restaurant chain’s Great Tastes of the World menu until November 14.

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