McDonald's Canada Commercial - Flossing Day

Today is Flossing Day and McDonald’s Canada takes the opportunity to invite you to celebrate this day and any day with value picks like their McDouble.

“Celebrate any day with value like our juicy McDouble.” – the voiceover says in the 5-second spot that begins with a denture biting into dental floss and showcases the McDouble, available now at $1.99 plus tax.

The McDouble burger features two beef patties which are, according to the fast-food restaurant chain, with “absolutely no fillers, additives or preservatives”, seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper, and topped with pickle slices, chopped onions, ketchup, mustard and a slice of melty American cheese, all on a regular bun.
National Flossing Day, celebrated on November 24th, aims to remind people how important it is to care for their teeth.

Flossing is recommended by the American Dental Association at least once a day because daily flossing removes plaque from areas between teeth where a toothbrush is ineffective and is also an important step in the prevention of gum disease and cavities.

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