Sarah in McCoy's Chip Shop TV Advert

McCoy’s continues its “When Flavour Calls” ad campaign with a new advert, promoting the new McCoy’s Chip Shop Chips, and highlighting that the new chips are so full of flavour, normal subtitles just won’t do.

The spot features Sarah, who begins eating the new chips when the golden phone rings and a male voice says: “Sarah, these subtitles aren’t flavoursome enough for the new McCoy’s Chips.” He then starts shouting that “They need to be bigger, bolder, full on, chip shop flavour. A savoury tsunami, smacking you in the eyeballs. So much flavour it can barely fit your feeble screen. Make way! For Big Chip Shop Flavour!”.

The spot ends with Sarah hanging up and chewing the chips and with the voiceover adding “McCoy’s When Flavour

The new McCoy’s Chip Shop Chips come in three flavours: Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar, and Curry Sauce.