Maytag Man Kitchen Suite Commercial

The American home and commercial appliance brand Maytag (owned by Whirlpool Corporation) promotes its fingerprint-resistant stainless steel kitchen appliances in a new hilarious ad.

The 30-second spot, aiming to highlight that, with Maytag Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel, “when people get handsy, things don’t get smudgy”, features the Maytag Man in a kitchen, serving as a refrigerator, a stove, a dish washer, and a microwave. “Maytag knows people can get a little handsy in the kitchen. That’s why Maytag has fingerprint-resistant stainless steel. So when people get handsy, things don’t get dirty.” – Maytag Man says while holding groceries, a pan, and a plate with pizza.

The brand highlights that these appliances guard against skin’s natural oils and can be easily cleaned up, all you need being water and a cloth.

The fingerprint resistant stainless steel suite from Maytag includes refrigerators with prices between $1.499 and $3.399, dishwashers, with prices between $699 and $999, cooking appliances, with prices between $849 and $2.699, and the over-the-range microwave with sensor cooking, at $369.