Match Advert Girl

Match UK have launched a new ad campaign, called “Little Details, Great Stories”, to promote its services and encourage people to meet likeminded singles at the Match nights and events.

One of the 30-second spots opens with a guy looking at himself in the bathroom mirror and seeing a woman behind him having her long dark hair covering her face. As the spot goes on, it is revealed what happened previously on Match. It turns out the young man looking in the mirror has asked the Match virtual coach, Lara, to find him someone with “a bit of a quirky side.”. His wish soon turned into reality thanks to Clementine, a woman who proved him on every occasion, from their first dinner, first walk, and when he least expected it, that she definitely has a quirky side. The woman is seen enjoying an apparently gross dinner, enjoying sitting in the rain and swinging in the rain, and making him flinch by playing the scary girl from The Ring. Yes, the woman with long dark hair covering her face at the beginning of the spot is none other than Clementine.

The advert ends with the voiceover saying that “Great stories often start with little details” and encouraging you to “let the Match virtual coach find your ideal partner”.

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