Match TV Advert - Couple Carrying Carpet

A new Match advert, part of the online dating website’s “Little Details, Great Stories” campaign, invites you to “come and meet like-minded singles” at the Match events.

At the beginning of the spot, which proves to be hilarious, a couple is seen carrying together something that seems to be a dead body wrapped up in a rug and putting it in the trunk of their car. The ad then shows us what happened previously at a Match event. The respective couple sat next to each other at a restaurant and they discovered a “small detail”: they were both Asian food addicts. After a few days, they used this as the perfect excuse to cook together. As they were cooking shrimps, two of them fell on the carpet, burning it, so the couple decided to just get rid of it.

At the end of the 20-second spot, the voiceover says that “Great stories often start with little details” and highlights that, at Match events, you can do something you enjoy and find your next date.

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