Malibu Rum Commercial - Surfer Alana Blanchard

Malibu Rum has launched a new ad on the World Sea Turtle Day, highlighting how you can help preserve the sea turtles place to party because they “need a place to party, too”.

The spot stars professional surfer Alana Blanchard talking about her partnership with the rum brand to learn more about how the sea turtles can be helped. “The ocean is my life. Growing up next to the ocean constantly surfing, swimming, you get really comfortable with turtles popping up like right next to you while you’re surfing. It’s really sad that we kind of go and like wreck their whole party and they don’t really have a say in it. It’s like someone coming into your home and trashing it like what you’d be so bummed.” – says Alana, who’s shown at the beach, surfing and taking “lessons” together with her friends about sea turtles.

She also highlights that, while you’re partying this summer, you can help the sea turtles keep their place to party by posting a picture of you and your friends and using the hashtag #HumanPartyAnimals. For every tagged photo, Malibu Rum will donate $5 to Eartwatch.

At the end of the clip, the brand asks for your help to reach $100.000, which is the maximum donation. The party pics can be posted on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, between June 16 and August 31.