Malibu Rum Commercial

Malibu Rum celebrates 101 Days of summer in its #BecauseSummer ad campaign, with a hilarious commercial featuring an epic slow motion.

The 30-second spot starts with a gorgeous blonde girl on a beach and a “fat Jewish” who starts running towards her.

In the process, he’s joined by several people, giving the impression of a group of people running. As the filming angle changes and the protagonists are shown from another perspective, it is revealed that they are not actually jogging, but moving in slow motion. Their destination: the closest bar, for a Malibu Rum cocktail, and a dancing party, right there, on the beach.

The brand of rum has kicked off the summer in style with videos from the Norwegian DJ and record producer Kygo’s
surprise boat party, featuring his 2015 single “Stay” (ft. Maty Noyes), from his album “Cloud Nine”.