Lincoln MKK Commercial

Lincoln showcases the 20177 Lincoln MKK and some of its most important features in a new commercial.

“Life is full of unexpected moments. The Lincoln MKK is designed to handle them. Making blind spots a little less blind. Expanding your view of the world. Making the cabin a sanctuary and your space into a symphony. Making the most when milliseconds matter. Smoothing out the bumps in the road. Helping you adapt at every turn. Getting you to a good place. So you can make moments of your own.” – says the voiceover in the 80-second spot, dubbed “Little Moments Long Form”, featuring a family of three going on a short trip to a place where the young girl can watch the stars, as this seems to be her biggest passion.

Among the showcased features there are driver assist features, such as Cross Traffic Alert, 360 degrees camera and front 180 degrees split-view camera, located in the vehicle’s grille, which helps boost visibility in cross-traffic situations and intersections, collision warning, park assist, which are supplemental, Revel Audio system, adaptive suspension, and adaptive headlamps.

The 2017 Lincoln MKK can be purchased starting at $38.260.