Levi's Circles Commercial

Levi’s celebrates individuality, inclusiveness, and connectedness through music, dance, and Levi’s in a new commercial, part of the “Live in Levi’s” campaign.

The spot, titled “Circles” and set to the rhythms of Jain’s song “Makeba”, features a variety of groups of people from all over the world dancing in circles. Wearing Levi’s, they all enjoy music and have fun, regardless of their age, race, religion, gender or sexuality. To illustrate this idea, the ad begins with two seniors, a lady and her partner, most probably, taking the center, and continues with representative of diverse groups and communities.

“Men, women, young, old, rich, poor, gay, straight – Let’s live how we dance.” – are the final onscreen lines.

The commercial, done in collaboration with creative agency FCB West, debuted on August 18 and rolls out globally.

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