Kwiff TV Advert

The revolutionary sports betting app Kwiff, that encourages users to follow their instinct by supercharging the rewards, has launched a new advert.

The 50-second spot, done by Droga5 London agency and directed by Jeff Low, highlights that on this sports betting
app, “every time you place a bet, your odds might get kwiffed” and explains what is getting kwiffed feels like. “It feels like catching a glass before it hits the ground and the catch is so amazing that you never stop holding it.

And you keep holding it. Forever and ever. And you just never stop holding it. And everyone’s like “Why is he holding that glass?”. Until they find out that you caught it when you opened the cupboard. And once they understand that, they think “Oh, again!”. That’s the best feeling available to human being. And that, more or less, is kwiff.” – the voiceover says, while on screen a man catching a glass and then keeping holding it for the rest of his life, and even after his death, in a custom-made cuffin, is shown.

The spot ends with the company’s tagline, “It’s perfectly normal. Until it’s kwiffed”.