KP Nuts Elephant TV Advert

The British brand of nutty snacks KP Nuts has released a new TV ad promoting its range of peanuts, including dry roasted peanuts, original salted peanuts, and honey roast peanuts.

The 30-second spot, introducing the slogan “The Nut Nut’s Nut”, features a guy at a party asking other guests if the peanuts in the bowl in front of them are KP Nuts and, after receicing a “Yes, I think so” in response,
giving to his friend, an elephant, to have some.

Realizing that those aren’t KP Nuts, the latter throws them back into the face of the man who said they were and then starts searching the house for KP Nuts, which he finds in a drawer. When the brand’s peanuts get on the table,
everyone comes to grab them because they are “so good”.

The voiceover states that “KP Nuts soak up the sunshine for a full 130 days before picking” and “that’s what makes
them taste so good”.

KP’s range of products includes, besides regular peanuts, which are the ones that KP built its name on, XL Crunchy
Coated Peanuts, Jumbo Peanuts & Cashews, and flavored peanuts, such as Oven Baked Italian Herb, Oven Baked Sea Salt & Peppercorn, Honey Roast, Spicy Chilly, and others.