Jurys Inn Advert - Lonely Trolley

Hotel chain Jurys Inn has launched its biggest marketing campaign, created by Havas London, with an advert featuring a lonely trolley.

The spot, introducing the brand’s new slogan, “Stay happy”, features the trolley rolling through an unwelcoming city in the rain, trying to find a shelter. Its journey, though, is marked by loneliness as no one seems to be willing to help it. A dog barks at it, a man from a supermarket parking lot chases it away from of a trolley bay, and thus the trolley finds itself shedding a tear under a bridge where it stopped to take cover. Its state of heart changes when a newspaper with an advert for Jurys Inn, carrying the slogan “Stay Happy”, is brought by the wind at its wheels.

The ad continues with the trolley rolling to the nearest Jurys Inn, where it soon proves useful to a family waiting to book a room and finds happiness.

The campaign, which is the first work of Havas London for Jurys Inn, will roll out on TV, VOD and digital media and will be accompanied by social, CRM and in-hotel activity.