Johnie Walker Commercial - Wedding

Johnie Walker pulls at the viewers heartstrings with its latest commercial, part of the “Mark Your Moment” campaign, which highlights that you can mark one of life’s finest moments with a bottle of Johnie Walker Blue Label.

The 60-second spot, titled “Wedding”, features a father offering a toast at his daughter’s wedding reception. As he speaks, a Johnie Walker Blue Label bottle, personalized with various life moments and dates, that come to “endorse” the man’s speech, is seen. “Sarah, you probably don’t know this story, but whenever I had to put you to sleep I had one song that used to do the trick.” – the bride’s father says, while the texts written on the Blue Label bottle reveal that Sarah and her boyfriend, Jim, got engaged on February 26, 2017, and he thought of the perfect gift on March 5, 2017. “And when I looked at you sleeping in my arms, I knew, no matter what, you’d always be my little girl. So, for the past year, I’ve been preparing this gift.” – he adds, and, at this point, the whiskey bottle is seen again, with a new text: “Started piano lessons 3.27.17”. He takes a seat in front of a piano and begins playing, making his daughter become emotional and shed a tear.

The commercial ends with the man and his daughter having some whiskey from the Johnie Walker Blue Label bottle, on which he writes down another text: “My little girl gets married. 9.9.17”. The brand’s tagline, “Mark Life’s Finest Moments”, also appears.