Woman in Jack Link's Commercial

Jack Link’s Jerky “beats the snack out of other snacks” – this is what the brand of beef jerky aims to highlight in its latest campaign, titled “Versus”.

The campaign, done by Carmichael Lynch, includes a series of spots featuring various tests run on Jack Link’s Jerky and other snacks, using instruments like polygraph, protein detector, microscope, speed gun, and others.

In one of the spots, a woman is using a protein detector on a Choco Nut Snack Bar, Cheese Made of String and Jack Link’s Original Beef Jerky to check the amount of protein they have, and it turns out that while the first two have 8g and 6 g, respectively, Jack Link’s has 10g of protein per serving.

“As you can see by our irrefutable science, Jack Link’s has more protein and better music than these other snacks.” – says the voiceover at the end of the spot, concluding that “Jack Link’s Jerky beats the snack out of other snacks”.