Jack in the Box Commercial - Ribeye Burgers

Jack in the Box showcases its new Ribeye Burgers in a new commercial.

“Why am I sitting here, at this ridiculously long table, in the middle of nowhere? To invite all my friends in the industry to try this: fast-food’s first-ever Ribeye Burger. Made with 100% ribeye beef, grilled onions”, a red wine glaze, and creamy Havarti cheese.” – the chain’s famous mascot says in the spot, titled “The Great Ribeye Challenge”.

The next scene illustrates “the competition” coming to the table through a huge crowd of people running toward the table, with their faces blurred, “as they work for competitors”, except for one guy, who is “so screwed”.

The spot ends with Jack Box urging viewers to come try his new Havarti & Grilled Onion and All American Ribeye Burgers, available for a limited time only at the fast-food restaurant.