Intel LeBron James Commercial

LeBron James returns to the small screen in a new commercial for Intel, promoting the company’s newest processor.

The 30-second spot, part of the brand’s “Outdated Equipment” campaign and aiming to highlight that “Not even the world’s best basketball player can perform with outdated equipment”, starts with James Parsons saying that your attempt to perform with an old computer is like LeBron trying to perform with old equipment and features the Cleveland Cavaliers star, dressed in short and slim shorts and a tighter-fitting jersey, trying to perform with an old basketball, that flattens out when it hits the ground. This is not all: when he tries to bend over and lift the ball, his shorts split, making the audience utter an “Oooohhh” and Parsons say “Well, this is not what the fans signed up to see”.

The spot ends with the voiceover asking you “Is the outdated equipment holding you back?” and urging you to “upgrade your game with Intel’s fastest processor. James is also shown for a few seconds, running away from the court while hiding his split shorts with his hands.