Intel Commercial - LeBron & Jim Parson

Intel LeBron’s Holiday Future in a new commercial, inviting viewers to give, this holiday, a new computer with the 8th Gen Intel Core Processor to power all the latest tech gifts.

The spot begins with LeBron wrapping various devices featuring the latest technology to give them as Christmas gifts when Jim Parson’s ghost shows up, asking him where is the new computer to power it. He then takes the Cleveland Cavaliers’ star to show him his holiday future “before 4K cameras, video games, virtual reality go virtually useless without a new computer”. LeBron and his family are seen all together in a living room, with a young girl in the middle, wearing a VR headseat. She says that all she sees is darkness and future LeBron tells her “You’re in deep space”.

At this point, LeBron from the present, who’s watching the scene from outside the house, through the window, starts laughing and when Parsons gives him a strange look, he explains that it was funny.

The commercial ends with the voiceover urging you to “Give Intel 8th Gen Core (available at Best Buy) to power all the latest tech”.