Woman in Intel Commercial

Intel has launched a hilarious new commercial, urging small businesses to stop relying on passwords and upgrade to biometric security with the latest Intel powered computers to keep information secure.

The 30-second spot, titled “Password”, features a woman realizing that the accountant she’s talking to keeps his password written on a post-it stuck on an office storage unit behind him and above his head. The man explains they (he and his colleagues at the office) are required a ten digit password, adding that “it’s impossible to remember” while he turns around his head (again) to read another letter or two. “I don’t know how secure that is.” – the lady says. Giving another look to the password, which includes alphanumeric characters, he answers smiling “I see what you mean.” and then, to her surprise, he adds an exclamation mark at the end, naming it “special character”, instead of stripping the post-it from the wall. “Ok, then, I have all of your confidential banking information right here.” – he continues, but the woman is standing up, ready to leave his office.

The spot ends with the voiceover advising viewers to “stop relying on passwords” and “upgrade to biometric security on the latest Intel powered computers”. Intel highlights that its latest devices come with hardware-enhanced security built in order to ensure automatic security for small businesses and their customers, including laptops with fingerprint and facial authentication.