2018 Infiniti QX80 Commercial

Infiniti USA showcases, in a 30-second ad called “Thrones”, the new QX80, highlighting that, in this SUV, every seat is a throne.

“For centuries the best seats were built for one. But now there’s one for all of us.” – onscreen lines read in the 30-second, which opens with a throne and continues with the luxurious seats designed for the QX80 as a throne for every passenger. “Every seat rules” – is the final onscreen line, appearing as the seats of a QX80 are all occupied by a group of friends.

The 2018 Infiniti QX80, starting at $64.750, boasts leather-appointed seats that “are specially treated to provide the softest touch and breathability for comfort in heat or cold”, according to the automaker. Heated front row seats feature power adjustments and available cooling, 2nd-row passengers enjoy abundant legroom in captain’s chairs with optional heating, or an available bench seat to accommodate up to eight, and 3rd-row passengers can find comfort in the shaped contours of seats that power-recline.

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