Infiniti Commercial - Girl Taking Driving Test

Infiniti promotes its Spring Sales Event, taking place until May 31, with a new ad, highlighting that, “for Infiniti, being part of a legacy means building it from the ground up” and urging you to start your legacy today.

The spot, available in a 30- and 50-second version, features a young girl taking her driving test in an Infiniti Q50, who, urged by her mother to do just how they practiced, dumbfounds the instructor with her amazing driving skills on a skid circuit. Eventually, after managing to park the car like a pro, she thanks the examiner, mentioning that “that was fun”. “You’re welcome, nicely done”, answers the latter, with a quite scared look on his face.

The longer version of the ad, focusing more on the learner’s driving skills, showcases, at some point, the whole Infiniti lineup, with no sound in the background.

At the brand’s Spring Sales Event people can get up to $2.000 spring bonus on select models, low lease rates, deals on lots of models and more incentives.