IKEA Columbus Commercial

IKEA USA has released a new commercial to announce the launch, on June 7, of IKEA Columbus, the Swedish company’s second store in Ohio, and the 44th in the U.S.

The 30-second spot features a woman returning home after work and enjoying her IKEA products, such as the RENS
sheepskin rug ($29.99), the RIGGAD LED work lamp with wireless charging ($89.99), the VARIERA recycling bin ($13.99), and the MOCKELBY table ($699).

“Why do people love IKEA? Is it because our smart design makes life at home easier? Because IKEA makes things
beautiful and functional? Because we make sustainable solutions that last? Or is it all that at irresistibly low prices?” – asks rhetorically the voiceover, urging you to “find affordable solutions you’ll love at IKEA Columbus”, that will open June 7th.

The world’s leading home furnishings retailer announced that its future Columbus store will open at 9am and that customers can begin lining-up at the store on Monday, June 5 (48 hours in advance of the doors’ opening).