Woman in Hyundai i30 Fastback Commercial

Hyundai showcases the all-new 2018 Hyundai i30 Fastback, the first five-door coupe in the compact car segment, unveiled earlier this year, in a new commercial.

“What do I care about? I care about lux. I care about shapes. I care about taste. I care about lines. And I care about clean. I care about class. Tech. Touch. I care about him. And I care about me.” – a woman says in the 30-second spot, who is then seen in the all-new i30 Fastback.

According to the South Korean brand, the i30 has “a sophisticated silhouette featuring typical dynamic sports coupe proportions, thanks to the elegant sloping roofline, a long bonnet and a muscular body”.

Aailable across Europe by the beginning of 2018, in twelve exterior colours, the latest addition to the i30 range features Hyundai’s signature Cascading Grille, a lowered, elegant sloping roof line ending in a generously arched spoiler line integrated in the body shell, and a strong C-Pillar”, according to the manufacturer.

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