Hyundai Commercial: Runaway Bride

Hyundai Canada promotes its low-commitment, Try It (or Buy It) offer, in a series of new hilarious ads.

“Hate long-term attachment? Cold feet? Don’t walk down the aisle when you can run to Hyundai and get into a low-commitment, Try It (or Buy It) offer today.” – this is the message conveyed in one of the spots, featuring a runaway bride willing to know if the Hyundai that she and her husband were supposed to leave the church was taken on a long-term commitment. When the driver, waiting in the rain, is telling her that the car was taken on a short-term lease, she thanks him and runs away with no regrets, with the driver mentioning that scheduled maintenance is included, too.

The ad highlights that you can get a 2017 Tucson 2.0L All-Wheel Drive, featuring heated front seats, projection headlights with LED accents, bluetooth, rearview camera, and more, on lease for only $79/week at 0% for 33 months with $0 down, plus no charge scheduled maintenance.