Hyundai Canada Commercial

Hyundai Canada has launched a hilarious new commercial, highlighting that the Dealer Invoice Pricing is now on.

The 30-second spot features three men representing Hyundai’s competition breaking into a Hyundai dealership at night. They believe that Hyundai’s offer, allowing customers to pay the same price as Hyundai dealers, is too good to be true and that “it’s got to be a catch”, so they crack a safe to check the Customer Invoices and the Dealer Invoices, but they discover these are the same.

“The competition just can’t figure out how Hyundai does it” – says the voiceover at the end of the spot, adding that “now, you pay the Dealer Invoice Price”. On screen, the Dealer Invoice Pricing for the 2017 Elantra and Tucson is shown as follows: for Tucson 2.0L All Wheel Drive, lease for only $57 weekly for 36 months and for Elantra L 6MT, lease for only $29 weekly for 48 months.