Hugo Boss Lewis Hamilton Commercial

Hugo Boss continues its Own Your Journey campaign with a new commercial, starring Lewis Hamilton.

The 90-second spot, the third instalment in the film series, features the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport driver talking about his life journey and going on his path through the city. “Before that moment when you know you’ve got it comes the preparation. Look at every nuance, every angle, every corner.” – a voiceover of Hamilton is heard saying at the beginning of the spot, while a close-up profile, revealing his text tattoo “God Is Love”, is seen.

“Firs you analyze it all, then you prepare for what’s to come. And when you’ve left no stone unturned, you can embrace your journey. Focus on the present, not the past. See off the unexpected. Move how you want to move. And belive in yourself. And when you can do that, then you can control the uncontrollable. Even as a kid, the more I listened, the more I adjusted, the more my path became clear. Focus and you can achieve greatness.” – the Formula 1 world champion says, adding “That’s my path. That’s my journey”.

The Own Your Journey campaign also features actor James Marsden and entrepreneur Patrick Janelle.