Huggies Little Swimmers Commercial: Michael Phelps and his son

Huggies has launched a series of new ads starring Michael Phelps and his son, Boomer, who’s training for 2032, as part of the brand’s campaign promoting Huggies Little Swimmers.

One of the spots features the Olympic gold medalist showing viewers one of the many fun summer water activities
they can do with their baby/babies: the sprinkler dash. “To introduce you baby to water you don’t need a gigantic pool.

All you need is a hose and sprinkler. It’s simple, fun, and all that jumping thing is great exercise.” – says Phelps, while on screen images of 1-year-old Boomer enjoying this activity are shown. “They can do this all day long. And the coolest part – you get to join, too.” – adds Phelps, who’s joining the little one for the sprinkler dash.

The brand highlights that Huggies Little Swimmers have stretchy sides and an adjustable fit, making them perfect
for keeping your baby comfortable during all water activities.