Devil in Halo Top Commercial

Halo Top continues its first major ad campaign, starring the devil and an angel, with a new commercial.

The 30-second spot, dubbed “Cease and Dessist”, features the devil going up the Heaven’s door, breaking it, and putting on the angel’s desk a pile of files. “Hi, what’s all this?” – asks the latter. The devil answers that it’s a Cease and Desist, mentioning that ice cream is their intellectual property and, as much, it must be decadent, delicious.

When the angel says, in response, “that’s Halo Top”, the devil says, angry, that “240 calories per bite, 20 grams of protein”, and brings in three of his lawyers (of the ton of lawyers he has on Earth) who are indulging themselves with Halo Top. One of them advises the Devil to try a certain flavor, but he asks her to not eat the evidence and warns the angel that “Justice will be served”.

The commercial ends with some of the “perfect pints” on display, such as the Halo Top Birthday Cake (with 280 calories per pint), Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup (with 320 calories per pint), Halo Top Chocolate (with 280 calories per pint), and others.