Gucci Commercial: Ace Sneaker

Gucci is introducing, in a new commercial, the Ace sneaker with detachable patches from the brand’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection.

The spot, illustrating a game, showcases a lineup of colorful and eclectic embroidered removable patches that represent the brand’s motifs, such as the bee and tiger, symbols first used by the House in the 70s, the number 25, glittering crystal bows, colorful UFOs, and more.

Among the featured Ace Patches there are the Ace Rainbow Patch, the Pierced Heart Patch, the Ace Angry Cat Patch,
the Ace “Blind for love” Patches, the Ace Bee Patch, the Ace Snowflake Patch, and more. The patches, fastening to the high or low designs with snap buttons, are available individually to create over 100 different style combinations on the Ace Sneaker. They cost €195 or €295, depending on the model.

The prices for a pair of Ace sneaker with removable patches range from €595 to €890.