GUCCI T-Shirt Collection Commercial

GUCCI presents, in a new short commercial, one of the T-shirts from the limited edition T-shirt collection, created in collaboration with British illustrator Angelica Hicks and available on the brand’s website in Europe and US starting May 25.

The collection includes unisex organic cotton T-shirts, featuring 11 offbeat and ironic drawings by Angelica. “The Gospel According to GUCCI”, “GUCCI Loafers”, “Snakes & Ladders”, “Team Spirit”, “Florence + The Machine”, “Keepin’ It Real GUCCI”, “Freaks and Geeks”, “The Angels Wear GUCCI” are some of the designs.

The brand stated that only 100 pieces of each design have been produced, and similar to an art print each T-shirt is numbered with a dedicated label. The T-shirts are folded around pieces of cardboard with fun playful pop-out images of all 11 illustrations, then placed in a matching vintage-style metal box.

Angelica Hicks is a British illustrator based in New York City, known for her watercolor and ink drawings that are a satirical spin on fashion and pop culture.