Grundig Respect Food Commercial

Grundig, Europe’s largest home electronics manufacturer, has embarked on a new quest to fight against global food waste and, for the purpose, has launched a new phase of its #RespectFood campaign, aiming to remind the world not to take food for granted, but to treat it with care and be mindful of what we put in our bins, “because respecting food is the only way to make our earth the best home to be”.

“Who am I? I am the currency of life. Everyone relishes my gifts. They celebrate life with me. They’ve planned civilizations around me. I’m the life force that runs in their very veins. I run them. I fuel them. I protect them from sickness and death. I have won battles. And they’ve lost wars when I ran out. But as they’ve gotten smarter, they’ve become careless and picky. They take more than they need and then discard me at the slightest blemish. As millions of their own go to bed hungry every night. They might be at the top of the food chain, but they forget that I put them there. I am food and all I ask for.. is some respect.” – a man is heard in the background, giving voice to food, as on screen images of various aliments and dishes are seen.

The spot ends with the onscreen lines “Wasting food is wasting life.” and “Join our movement at”.

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