Google Home Commercial

Google promotes the hands-free calling feature on Google Home, coming soon in the U.S., in a new commercial, highlighting that this will enable users to call phone numbers in the U.S. or Canada, including their personal contacts and millions of businesses, completely hands-free.

The 30-second spot features several persons who use this feature on Google Home to get themselves out of some “tricky” situations. A guy who got stuck in the dog door asks Google Home to call 24/7 Lock Lads, a guy holding a pot under a leaky pipe asks Google Home to call a plumber, a woman who finds out that she’s pregnant asks Google Home to call her partner, and a guy who took on the 100 layers challenge together with a friend and put on 100 layers of clothes asks Google Home to call the friend, who doesn’t find his phone.

This feature began rolling out to Google Home users in the US and Canada on Wednesday. Besides calling personal contacts, the feature can place calls also to nearby businesses, such as coffee shops, post offices, and more based on your location.

Google mentions that calls to 911 services aren’t currently supported with your Assistant on Google Home and that international and premium rate (1-900) numbers are supported only if Google Home has been linked to your Project Fi or Google Voice number with credits.