Google Home Commercial

Google has released a new commercial showcasing the Google Home and listing some of the things it does, such as playing your favorite shows on TV, reminding you about the upcoming events, and playing the music you want.

“This is Google Home and when your friends come over they’ll be like “What is this thing do?” and you’ll be all “Hey, Google, play House of Cards on Netflix and it will be like “House of Cards from Netflix playing on your TV” and they’ll be like “Woaa. What else?” and it will go “At 1:00 pm you have a haircut” and then you’ll be like “Play me that song that goes strawberry champagne on ice” and it’ll be like “Playing That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars” and they’ll be like “OMG” and you’ll be like “I K N O W” – says a female voiceover in the 30-second spot, titled “Show Off”.

The ad, featuring at the end Bruno Mars’ single “That’s What I Like”, highlights that you can purchase Google Home with $109 instead of $129 until June 18, 2017, at participating retailers, including Best Buy and Target, besides Google Store.