GoDaddy Commercial

GoDaddy Canada promotes its services in a new commercial, starring professional basketball player Jonas Valančiūnas, who says he built a website through GoDaddy to sell Itty Bitty Ballers, his real passion.

The spot features Jonas talking about his Itty Bitty Business, that is booming thanks to the website he made using GoDaddy. “Hey, I’m Jonas Valanciunus, Superstar center for the Toronto Raptors. When I’m not being a big guy on the
court, I’m in my workshop making Itty Bitty Figurines. This is my real passion.”, starts Jonas his story, going then into detail regarding the figurines: “It’s a lot of hard work, but I love it. Here’s me riding the raptor, doing the split and here’s me thinking”.

Jonas reveals that he started selling the Itty Bitty Figurines after one of his friends said they are “really cool” and suggested him to sell them. He shares his experience with GoDaddy, stating that it was easy to make a website which looks good, and gives a feedback on the customer service, as well, describing it as “always helpful and nice” and “nicer than a team trainer”.

The spot ends with Jonas saying that now his business is booming and that “yours can, too”, and inviting you to
check out his Itty Bitty Ballers and go to to see how they can help your itty bitty business.