Gocompare.com TV Advert: Plane

Gocompare.com, the British financial services comparison website that provides comparison details for financial products including vehicle insurance, home and pet insurance and breakdown cover, has launched a new advert starring its longtime brand mascot, Gio Compario.

The 60-second spot, dubbed “Onwards and upwards” and aiming to tell the “true story of one man’s heroic mission to enrich all our lives”, features the Italian tenor and his troupe of dancers, violinists and choristers as they proudly fly over Britain on planes, singing and dancing and helping everyone everywhere save time and money.

Several onscreen lines highlight the amount of money that could be saved if people would use gocompare.com, such as “up to £392 million to be saved on energy”, “up to £598 million to be saved on home cover”, “up to £527 million to be saved on motor cover”, concluding that there are “up to £2 billion just waiting out there”.

The fictional Italian tenor named Gio Compario, starring in Gocompare.com’s adverts since 2009, is played by Welsh tenor Wynne Evans, who sings the “Go Compare” tune, inspired by Over There, in different places, from a coffee shop to a train station and, in this case, on a plane across the nation.