Go-GURT Commercial - Tim & Charlie

Go-GURT promotes the limited-edition Star Wars: The Last Jedi Go-GURT tubes, available in stores now, with a new
commercial, inviting viewers to watch the upcoming installment in the Star Wars series in theaters, starting December 15.

The 15-second spot features Tim and Charlie, two 4th graders costumed like old men – this including bald and white hair wigs, and white hair, white eyebrows and white mustaches – talking about 3rd graders. “Spoiled 3rd graders.

They get Star Wars on their Go-GURT tubes.” – one of them says looking at a girl opening her Start-Wars-themed Go-GURT tube. “Even their soccer balls are fancy.” – the other one says, trying to kick a soccer ball that arrives at his feet.

Concluding with the tagline “Kids Never Had It So Easy”, the ad is also a reminder for people that Star Wars: The Last Jedi will hit theaters December 15 and that tickets are already available.

The two boys also promote, in other commercials, the new EZ Open Go-GURT tubes, highlighting that 3rd graders today don’t know what it’s like to struggle opening Go-GURT or sweat in gym class or walk (since they have hoverboards).