GMC Commercial - Like A Pro

GMC has launched its new “Like A Pro” ad campaign with an Anthem, asking people how they want to live and aiming to highlight the brand’s “professional grade”.

The spot titled “Like A Pro – Anthem” illustrates the core values of GMC and the emotional connection created between GMC customers and their cars, featuring people who reach higher in everything they do and drive, obviously, pickup trucks and SUV models from the brand’s 2017 lineup.

“How do you want to live?” – asks the voiceover at the beginning of the 60-second version of the ad, giving a
series of possible answers: “As a decent person. Fine human being. Not a bad guy. Always showing up. Getting the job done. As a good father. Friend. Son.” “Is that it? Good? Of course not.” – continues the voiceover, listing another series of answers that GMC customers would give, such as “Parent of the year”, “Employee of the month”, “Going above and beyond”, “Making her heart skip a bit”, “One of a kind”, “Center of their world”, “Undeniable”, “Like a boss”, “Like a rebel”, “Like a pro”.

“We couldn’t agree more” – concludes the voiceover, adding the GMC’s tagline, “We are professional grade”.