Givenchy Maria Tani Commercial

Givenchy has launched a new commercial to showcase two of the brand’s icons, Rouge Givenchy and Prisme Blush.

The 30-second ad, presented as a Japanese collaboration, is directed by Tomokazu Yamada and features Maria Tani
using the two products on her way to an event. The model is seen entering a photo booth sporting a certain outfit and a pair of sunglasses and getting out with a new look thanks to the lipstick she has put on inside, as a way of illustrating the idea that this lipstick help you feel sexier and more confident. After unlocking a sort of box, she takes a handbag where she finds the Prisme Blush and continues her stride to a phone booth. There, she applies some blush and now, that the make-up is complete, she feels like a star on the red carpet, so she struts down the stairs and down the street with the confidence of a star.

Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick, available in 34 different hues, is available for purchase for $36, and the Givenchy Prisme Blush Highlight & Structure Powder Blush Duo, available in 6 different pairs of shades, is available for purchase for $46.

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