Woman and Virtual Assistant in GEICO Commercial

“How much does GEICO love saving people money on car insurance?” – the insurance company gives you the answer
in its latest ad campaign, called “Loves More” and centered – you guessed – around love.

“How much does GEICO love saving people money on car insurance? More than virtual assistants love to annoy you.” – says the voiceover in one of the 15-second spots, showing a woman in her kitchen, preparing strawberries for a smoothie and asking her virtual assistant to tell her when the gym closes. “Jim who?” – asks the assistant, that just can’t seem to get this command right and, after annoying the lady several times, calls Jim to her despair, who now must use a nice voice and make up immediately a reason for calling him.

The “Loves More” campaign, directed by Don Cherel, the owner of Don Cherel Productions, includes also several other spots, highlighting that GEICO loves saving people money on car insurance more than peanut butter loves jelly, that lawyers love to argue, than pirates love planks, than police love code, and than Puxatony Phil loves Groundhog.