GEICO Golfing Commercial

Martin the GEICO Gecko is back in a new commercial for the insurance company to spread the word about how much you could save on car insurance if you switch to GEICO.

The 30-second spot features the lizard completing a par-5 in one shot on Carolina’s best golf courses and talking about the savings that GEICO helps you to score.

“Oh, hello. Lucky for me, there’s some great golf here in the Carolinas. Whether you golf or not, GEICO could help you score some great savings on car insurance. Maybe even hundreds of dollars.” – says the insurance company’s mascot, who then hits the ball, which hits four trees, the roof of a windmill, and some animals made of china, such as a deer, a tiger, and an octopus before it gets into the mouth of a yellow alligator, where the hole is. “Hole in one!” – chuckles the gecko, adding “And that’s a par-5, mind you”.

The spot ends with the voiceover inviting you to go to the company’s website and see how much you could save on car insurance.