GEICO Commercial - Boy with Guitar

Lex Medlin stars as a serviceperson in a new commercial for GEICO, promoting its Emergency Roadside Services.

The 30-second spot, titled “The Flat Tire Guitar Solo”, features a family of three who uses the GEICO mobile app to fix their flat tire. Actually, it is the mother (Kiva Jump) the one who takes out her smartphone and uses the app to get the help they need, without allowing her husband (Bob Clendenin) or her guitar prodigy (Cooper Friedman) say a word or sing a note. The 48-year-old actor, who played, among others, judge Owen French in Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva, shows up in no time to fix the flat tire. As the family are ready to hit the road again, to go to the kid’s recital, an intricate guitar riff can be heard.

The spot ends with the tagline “Some things are easier done than said”, launched by the insurance company to highlight how easy it is to access the Emergency Roadside Services using the GEICO mobile app.

GEICO’s Emergency Roadside Service ($14 a year per car) covers labor to change a flat tire, jumps starts for dead car batteries, not accident related towing, and lockout services up to $100.

Medlin has also appeared in other several ads for companies like Dockers, Gateway Computers, Kia Spectra, Gardetto’s, Selsun Blue, State Farm, Time Warner Cable, T-Mobile, Twix, and Solarcity.