Gatorade Usain Bolt Commercial

Gatorade honors Usain Bolt in a new commercial, released to celebrate his career and aiming to point out that, throughout his career, the world-class sprinter defied all the conventional rules to succeed.

“History says you should be five inches shorter. History says you should have a common name, like Lewis or Johnson. History says you should move away from home. And train in a world-class facility. History says you should take this seriously. That you should start fast and have a short stride. History says records are broken by fractions, not feet. That’s why history is history.” – the voiceover says in the tribute video featuring the 30-year-old Jamaican sprinter, who will participate on Saturday at his final 100m sprint, in the IAAF World Championships at London Stadium.

Bolt, who will wrap up his career on August 12, in the 4x100m relay final, has eight Olympic gold medals and 11 World Championship gold medals and owns the four fastest 100m times in history.

The video ends with the onscreen lines “Thanks, Usain. Every step was incredible”.