Woman in Forevermark Tribute Collection

Forevermark honors women and the unique qualities that make them the women they are with its Tribute Collection, showcased in a 30-second spot.

The film, soundtracked by a cover of Fatboy Slim’s 1998 single “Praise You”, features a variety of women in scenarios aiming to illustrate independence, courage, determination, playful heart, guiding hand, and a specific way of loving, all qualities that deserve to be celebrated. The Forevermark Tribute Collection, including the Round Diamond Necklace, the Pear Diamond Necklace, and the Oval Diamond Necklace, the Braided Five Stone Ring, the Delicate Diamond Ring, the Feminine Diamong Ring, and the Diamond Stackable Ring (that can be worn stacked or layered), and the Round and Pear Diamond Drop Earrings, is showcased throughout the ad, as the protagonists are wearing these pieces on various occasions.

“All you are. Forevermark Tribute Collection.” – the voiceover says at the end of the spot, mentioning, with regards to the diamonds used by the brand, that are “beautiful, rare, responsibly sourced”.

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