Loni Love in Ford Commercial

Loni Love takes the showroom to a whole new level with lights, camera and action in the latest installment of Loni Love Ford campaign, titled “The Rock Musical”.

The comedian and The REAL co-host is seen approaching a young woman in front of a Ford showroom and encouraging her to buy the car she dreams of. “Girl, you have worked your whole life for this. Besides, you just got that job. And trust me, you don’t want to carpool with your brother for the rest of your life.” – she tells her and then takes her by the arm and they enter together the showroom, where they begin to sing and the staff begin to dance.

The song is an invitation to “Forget about your worries, of what you might have heard.” and highlights that “Financing can be a breeze when doing the calculations first.” and that there is “flexibility and ease”, as well as the possibility to customize the wheels. Finally, the girl gets out of the showroom with a Ford she can afford, eager to “drive unlimited miles”.

Loni Love was featured in another commercial for the American-made car brand, earlier this year, in March, in which she gives her best tips for assembling the perfect road trip group. In July, she helped Ford give away a brand-new 2018 Ford Mustang to one of three contestants to the Essence Festival in New Orleans, the car company being the exclusive car sponsor of the festival for the eight year.

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