Five Star Commercial: Dog vs Notebook

Five Star has released a new ad aiming to highlight the quality, durability and innovation of Five Star notebooks, binders, folders, planners and more.

The 30-second spot, entitled “Chaos in the Cafeteria”, begins with a conversation between two classmates at the cafeteria, one of them being the owner of Cinco, the dog starring in the brand’s commercials. The girl says she will tell her teacher that her dog ate her homework. At this point, Cinco shows up and tries to “eat” his owner’s homework, as it is his “favorite course”. In his attempt to destroy the Five Star notebook, Cinco manages to cause chaos in the cafeteria by making all the students in there to start a food fight.

The voiceover mentions that the Five Star notebook, with “ultra-durable front and back covers, reinforced pockets that prevent tears, and high quality paper that resists ink bleed, lasts all year, guaranteed”. He also adds the brand’s tagline, “Built strong to last long”.