FedEx Commercial - Robot with Passport

FedEx invites you to watch global commerce at work in its latest ad. The spot, titled “Dream 2.0”, features a variety of items, from medical products to car pieces, electronic devices, furniture and toys, brought to life and travelling to their destination. Some laptops are seen leaving Copenhagen and flying like birds above the ocean, many other objects are seen floating in the Galaxy, then on an escalator and in the airport, walking in line, on their way to their future owners, a small robot is seen at the passport control, having its passport stamped by the officer, and various car parts are seen being parachuted at a car dealership.

“What we do every night is like something out of a strange dream. Except that the next morning… it all makes sense.

FedEx powers global commerce with fast, far-reaching networks, deep knowledge of industries and, yes, maybe a little magic.” – the voiceover says while on screen FedEx employees are seen doing their job to ensure that the delivery experience will be great for customers, with goods delivered in perfect state and fast.

At the moment, there are around 99.000 FedEx drop-off locations worldwide, including 40.000 drop boxes in the U.S. FedEx enables people to track their package status, to check shipment status on mobile devices, to request change of delivery time and location, to pick up packages at a convenient retail location and to easily return items.