FedEx Commercial

FedEx Commercial

FedEx highlights, in its latest ad, that it can help your e-commerce, no matter how big your business is or isn’t.

The spot, titled “Golf Cart”, features the manager of a company ranked as #1 in Golf Cart Accessories taking a young intern to a ride with a golf cart to show him the headquarters. “Come on, hop in” – says the manager to the new member of his team, adding “You might not know it by looking at us, but we’re actually a pretty small company.

Fortunately, FedEx helps e-commerce companies like ours reach new customers all around the world, in over 220 countries and territories”.

As he starts driving around, we get to see that he was not just being modest: the company is indeed very small. So small that there’s barely enough space for the golf cart to move. “Alright, that’s the tour” – says the manager after two minutes and one desk hit. “What do you say we head over to my desk and get started on your paperwork?” – he asks, making the young man think they are about to go somewhere farther. “Great”, he answers, willing to get started on the paperwork, as well. But, to his surprise, the manager moves the golf cart just a little bit.

“We’re here”, says the latter, inviting the guy politely to get down.

The spot ends with the voiceover saying the company’s tagline, “Thinking big with small business”.