FedEx Commercial

FedEx highlights, in a new ad, that FedEx Ground can help your small business continue to grow with affordable, fast online shipping.

The 30-second spot, titled “Buyout”, features three young entrepreneurs in their workshop, where they seem to create T-shirts and pack them for delivery to customers.

“Why aren’t we showing profit yet?” – one of them asks, looking at the numbers on a piece of paper. “We’re working on it.” – comes the answer, which doesn’t satisfy the guy asking. So, he decides to take his buyout and leave. “Fine, here is the value of your shares.” – his partner, a young woman, says, taking out of her pocket some coins and giving them to him. The solution comes for the guy searching things on his laptop. “Hey, here’s an idea. FedEx offers affordable and fast ground shipping. That’ll be great for business and help us manage our costs.” – he says.

Hearing this, the guy who wanted to give up says he wants back in. “Well, since you left, our valuation has doubled.” – the young woman tells him. He looks into his wallet and then asks “To quarter?”, but the answer is “No”. He has another chance, though, as the woman says they’ll be accepting interns in the fall.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying “Affordable, fast FedEx Ground”.