Experian TV Advert - Meet Your Data Self

The latest Experian advert is an invitation for people to get to know their Data Self, which is another version of them, that lenders see when they apply for credit.

The 60-second spot features Dan and his Data Self, who are inseparable. They are saying it and proving it, as images of them doing all kind of things together run on the screen. Dan’s Data Self is seen playing ping-pong with Dan, having lunch with him and trying to eat his food, helping him move in a bigger house, try joining him and his wife at dinner, reading in bed, before sleep, next to Dan, and even trying to infiltrate in the couple’s bed, but with no success.

“He’s a physical manifestation of my financial history. He’s made up of things like my transactions, my phone contract, my credit score, stuff like that. He’s what companies see when they’re deciding whether to offer me credit and, if I need a loan or a credit card, he’ll show me what I can get.” – Dan says of his Data Self, while having a cup of coffee.

The advert, concluding with the voiceover inviting you to get to know your Data Self with Experian, also informs that Experian is a credit broker, not a lender for cards, personal car, and guarantor loans, working with selected lenders and other brokers.

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