Experian Commercial

The global information services group Experian has released a new ad, highlighting that it monitors the dark web globally to let you instantly protect your Experian credit file from identity thieves.

The 30-second spot features the Millers, a family having fun in their new home, while the voiceover reminds you that “Your information could be out there – just waiting to be auctioned off on the dark web” and stating that Experian provides dark web surveillance services so that your Experian credit file could be protected from identity thieves. “Plus, get $1 million in Identity Theft Insurance” – adds the voiceover, urging you to try Experian free for 30 days.

Experian underlines that they scan the Dark Web globally with proprietary technology that breaks language barriers, to detect stolen data, while monitoring over 600,000+ web pages, file-sharing sources, forums, Twitter feeds, and more. The company provides its customers with more ways to detect identity theft with an entire suite of Identity Alerts that keep them informed and in control.